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Posted 18 December 2019 - 01:52 AM


  • We are still using plug and play client, no installation needed, set run as admin and compatibility xp.
  • Run ValorRO Patcher right after u download our client is necessary.
  • Better start the game from patcher to stay updated, its patcher skin aint really bad tho!
  • if you still cant connect, try delete file valorpatch.dat inside ValorRO client folder then re-patch.
  • Re-do point 4th are the best troubleshooting way. Client modification might cause connection problem.

Is there any alternative download link?

How to set my client windowed / fake fullscreen client?

Where is server database location, and timezone?

  • Hetzner Online GmbH, Falkenstein, Germany, GMT+1.
  • Expectation: Low ping for Europe, Asia / SEA region players, and stable server to play.

What common language use in-game?

  • Owner are Indonesian, little little speak Ingrish, can't speak Tagalog, but putang ina mo!

Does server has bot-prevention or anti-cheat?

  • Not really, i only apply some standar protection, item use and global skill delay.
  • For Bot, i made ingame Captcha and anti-bot script math-challenge.

Is there any leveling guide or something?

  • Most features are same as official, u can use any guide from irowiki or rms. Commonly, eden quest and board are best way to max up.

How to donate and confirm donation?

  • U can donate on website through Paypal or Credit Card. Else if u are Indonesian, u may choose to Bank Transfer Mandiri/BCA.
  • Confirmation via Discord channel. U can redeem Credits through NPC inside Prontera Main Office.
  • Donation isn't necesarry, but it may help to pay the bills of running this server.

Note: The game just cant get out of my head, remembering good old days playin on CookieRO, TrueRO, LeikaRO and NovaRO. Now i decide to remake 2017 ValorRO just to play classic type of renewal and you may join me to fullfill a missing memories. Hope u have fun, enjoy playin on Valor realm. Bring ur friends and old day families! Dont forget to check our Referral System via facebook share.

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